12 Badminton Core Circuits

12 different core circuits with over 40 exercises which include beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels! They range from 6 minutes in duration to 26 minutes, and no equipment is needed.

Core strength is so important in badminton for a variety of reasons. It helps to increase overhead rotational power, improve lunge stability and movement recovery AND reduces the risk of injury.

This is why we’ve created this downloadable PDF for you! All of the exercises will help you improve your core strength, maybe get a 6-pack, and most importantly improve your badminton fitness!

The downloadable PDF includes:

  • 12 core circuits – 5 circuits are timed-based and 7 are repetition-based
  • Explanations and video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Core challenges
  • A recommended monthly core schedule

The PDF is mobile-friendly and also printable so you can always have it at your disposal.

Buy your core circuits now for just £3.99 (around $5.50)!


How It Works

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Step 3 – Get started!

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Who Are We? 

Badminton Insight was created to offer an insight into the training of the best players in the world use our knowledge and experience to help others to improve.
We regularly do these core programmes in our weekly training and have produced this downloadable PDF for you to be able to do the same.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@badminton-insight.com