About Badminton Insight

We are Greg and Jenny, the creators of Badminton Insight. 

We are two professional badminton players from England and have both been heavily involved in badminton throughout our lives, and both love the sport.

We created Badminton Insight as we believe that with our experience, knowledge, and passion for the game we can provide valuable resources for both players and coaches to expand their knowledge. 

Since creating Badminton Insight in April 2020, we have gained more than 181,000 YouTube subscribers and 17 million channel views, and even broken a Guinness World Record! 

Our Aims

Grow Badminton

We have a strong passion of growing the sport around the world.

Innovative Methods

We will use up-to-date methods and strive to be innovative in how we teach badminton through online resources.

Share Our Knowledge

We want to provide access to high-quality resources to help people improve.

Enjoy The Process

"The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so do only what makes you happy." - Anything You Want, Derek Sivers

About Us

Greg Mairs

Jenny Moore


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