We are Greg and Jenny, the creators of Badminton Insight. 

We are two professional badminton players from England and have both been heavily involved in badminton throughout our lives.

We created Badminton Insight as we believe that with our experience, knowledge, and passion for the game we can provide valuable resources for both players and coaches to expand their knowledge. 

Greg & Jenny Laughing

About Us

2000 – 2013

We both started playing badminton at a very early age, playing multiple times a week and competing in tournaments around the UK and Europe throughout our childhood. The photo below is us at 11 years old!

Young Greg and Jenny

2013 – 2019

After joining Loughborough University in 2013 (Jenny studied International Business and Greg studied Sports Management), this is where our professional badminton journey began: we started training on-court 2 times per day, doing weights training 3 times per week, seeing a nutritionist and psychologist, and getting regular sports massages. Throughout our time at University (alongside studying and training) we also both did various part-time jobs, including coaching, stringing, being a Deliveroo rider and even a security guard!

We also started competing regularly in professional tournaments across Europe, and eventually won our first international title together in 2018 at the Norwegian International!

Our first tournament win at the Norway International

After completing an Undergraduate degree and a Masters degree, we graduated from Loughborough University in December 2019.

Loughborough Uni Graduation

2020 – Now

So much has happened in this period! We started Badminton Insight in April 2020 with the aim of helping grow the sport around the world by educating and inspiring players of all levels to improve their game. Since then we have gained more than 440,000 YouTube subscribers and 55 million views (at the time of writing), and we have even broken a Guinness World Record!

Guinness world record

In 2023 we also reached a career high ranking of 28 in the world, and on a personal note we got married in July 2023 (this is one of our most frequently asked questions!)

Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey until now, and we hope that Badminton Insight can help you in your own badminton journey!

Our Aims For Badminton Insight

Grow Badminton

We have a strong passion of growing the sport around the world.

Innovative Methods

We will use up-to-date methods and strive to be innovative in how we teach badminton through online resources.

Share Our Knowledge

We want to provide access to high-quality resources to help people improve.

Enjoy The Process

"The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so do only what makes you happy." - Anything You Want, Derek Sivers

How We Can Help You

There are several ways that Badminton Insight can help you improve your game, no matter your level (and most of them are completely free!):

  1. YouTube Videos – On the channel we share videos on all things badminton, including shot tutorials, tactics, and behind-the-scenes vlogs!

  2. Articles – If you prefer to learn by reading, we also have written versions of our tutorials.

  3. Monthly Insight Newsletter – We have a monthly newsletter where we share exclusive insight into becoming a better badminton player, and behind-the-scenes of Badminton Insight. 

  4. Training Toolkit – We have a variety of training resources to help you improve your on-court game, such as Badminton-Specific Weights Programmes and Core Circuits. 

  5. Patreon Community – Join a community of likeminded badminton players and fans, and gain access to exclusive benefits such as a Discord Server, Patreon-only podcast and match analysis! 

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us, please visit this page here. 

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