Multifeed Programmes

Multifeed is a key component of every badminton player’s training, helping to improve on-court fitness and speed, shot quality and consistency. These programmes are perfect for both players and coaches.

Downloadable pdf document

A mobile-friendly PDF so you can access your multifeed programmes anywhere, anytime!

27 different programmes

16 doubles programmes (with 4 partner programmes) and 11 singles programmes, all with varying aims.

80+ Exercises

Over 80 exercises, each with a video demonstration and written explanation.

feeding demonstrations

3 videos demonstrating how to feed.

Choose Your Programmes

Buy the programmes separately for £7.99 each, or together (all 27 programmes) for just £13.99!


Doubles Only Programmes
£ 7.99


Singles Only Programmes
£ 7.99

All 27

Singles And Doubles Programmes
£ 13.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – Buy your multifeed programmes
Step 2 – Check your inbox (or junk!) for the confirmation email which contains the download link to the multifeed programmes.
Step 3 – Get started!

Once you purchase your programmes you will instantly receive your document including the programmes you have selected, along with an information sheet explaining everything you need to know.

The information sheet explains the varying aims of the programmes and guides you in how you should add multifeed to your weekly training plan.

Do note that this isn’t a quick cheat to getting good at badminton. It will massively help you to improve many aspects of your game however multifeed should be done alongside a well-structured training plan. A player of any level also needs to develop other skills such as their tactical awareness and the art of competing, areas that multifeed cannot cater for.

Yes! Once you purchase the Multifeed Programmes, they are yours forever. 

This resource is for personal use only and should not be shared.

Payment options include Credit / Debit card or PayPal. Both are secure methods of payment.

We are two professional players, and ever since we started training, we have been doing regular multifeeds and strongly believe that this has helped many aspects of our game. Multifeed is a key component of any badminton players training, and this is why we have created these programmes for to you improve your game.

What Our Customers Say...

I've never seen so much badminton information written down! I have also never done proper training before but after watching your channel I thought I could benefit from it, and I have!! I know you explain how multi-feed isn't a 'quick fix' but these programmes have really helped me to improve my speed around the court as well as my stamina! I get my wife to feed me a programme once a week and it is a GREAT workout - she enjoys the fact she is making me work hard and is surprisingly accurate with the feeding. We took your advice and threw the shuttle on 1 or 2 of the routines as it was hard to do otherwise just because she doesn't play much but it worked well. Thanks again, really useful 🙂
Harry Peters
Wow, these multi feed programmes are amazing. I was not expecting so much detail. Now I can just turn up to training with my friends and we have a full session planned. There are so many different exercises that I had not heard of before. Amazing. Thank you Badminton Insight.
Ivan K