Our Software & Filming Gear

Software We Use

Surfshark Logo

Surfshark VPN – We’ve used Surfshark VPN for many years and regularly talk about them in our YouTube videos! We use it mostly to enable us to watch live badminton matches, but it has so many other benefits. 

Check it out here, and use the discount code “badmintoninsight” to get an extra 3 months for free! 

Disclaimer: Surfshark VPN are a sponsor of Badminton Insight, but we both used them for years before working with them! 

Epidemic Sound – We’re often asked where we get the royalty-free music from that we have in our YouTube videos. It’s almost always from Epidemic Sound! 

Check it out here, and use the discount code “badmintoninsight” to get an extra 3 months for free! 

Disclaimer: Affiliate link.

Filming Gear

Sony A7C Camera

After filming with the Sony ZV-1 for almost a year there were a few limitations that led us to researching a new camera. These were better battery life (we now regularly film for 2 hours on this camera and don't need to change the battery!), better stabilisation, and the ability to change lenses to better adapt to different filming situations. After researching for even longer than for the Sony ZV-1 we purchased the Sony A7C. We have absolutely loved using it - an expensive but amazing upgrade to our YouTube set up!

RODE Wireless Go Duo Microphone

We loved using the RODE Wireless Go Microphone, but as we are often filming with both of us on camera we wanted to get a '2 person' microphone to improve our filming efficiency. Similar to the other RODE Microphone, it's really easy to set up but provides great audio!

Zhiyun Crane M2

Zhiyun Crane M2 Gimbal

This is one of our more 'luxurious' purchases for the YouTube channel so far, but it has been amazing to get some different angles than we could get with just a tripod!

Benro Camera Tripod (58"/147cm)

When we started filming on-court videos, a big tripod was a necessity. We chose this tripod as it can hold our Sony camera, GoPro or iPhone! It's something we use to record every video, and also lightweight but sturdy!

Sony ZV-1 Camera

Sony ZV-1 Camera

After a ridiculous amount of research, we bought this camera to level up and improve the quality of our YouTube videos in the beginning of 2021. We had a lot of criteria - had to be small and lightweight to regularly travel with, have great picture quality (sports halls don't always provide the best lighting) and be generally easy to use. This definitely ticks ALL of those boxes!

RODE Wireless Go Microphone

This was our first big purchase for the YouTube channel. And it was definitely necessary! The fans in the National Badminton Centre meant we were practically shouting on our videos, so we invested in a good quality microphone that had to be wireless for video demonstrations. It's a very easy microphone to set up and use, but fantastic audio quality!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

This is the camera that we used for the first 9 months of our YouTube channel. It is a fantastic camera, especially for throwing round in the hall and fitting in your pocket!

Ulanzi Tripod

Ulanzi Small Tripod

While the big tripod is great for filming on-court, this small handheld tripod is great for our occasional vlogs and our monthly livestreams. We chose this Ulanzi tripod as it can extend out and also hold our Sony camera or iPhone.