Our Badminton Kit & Equipment

Having the right badminton kit & equipment can have a massive impact on your on-court performance. Below are our favourite items that we use every day as professional badminton players.

For more information on where we’d recommend purchasing your kit & equipment from (including a 10% discount code!), click here.


We are both currently using the VICTOR Thruster F C.

There are so many badminton rackets on the market, it can definitely be an overwhelming choice! We’ve tried a lot over the years and found what is best for us and our playing styles. If you want to know how to choose the best badminton racket for you then check out our blog post here.

VICTOR Thruster F C

Greg’s racket of choice

VICTOR Thruster F C

Also Jenny’s racket of choice


We are often asked about what string we use (shown below). Greg likes the VBS-66 because of it’s incredible repulsion and Jenny likes the firm feeling and durability of the VBS-68.

We are also frequently asked what tension we have – Jenny has 29lbs and Greg has 30lbs. However, high string tensions like this aren’t suitable for everyone. To learn more about string tension, check out our blog post here.


Greg’s string of choice


Jenny’s string of choice


Similar to rackets, there is a lot of choice when it comes to shoes. Check out our video here for the importance of shoes and our guide on how to choose the right badminton shoes for you.


Greg’s shoes of choice


Jenny’s shoes of choice


There’s a lot to consider when choosing what shuttles to use: the type of shuttle, speed, price point, durability, and feel. To watch the video where we compare 10 different brands & price points of shuttles, click here. 

In our own training, we use the VICTOR Master Ace shuttles.

VICTOR Master Ace Shuttles

VICTOR Master Ace

Our shuttles of choice

Extra Essentials

Badminton Insight Bottle

As professional badminton players, we know the importance of staying hydrated – not only in our training sessions and matches, but also throughout the day. A re-usable bottle is therefore an essential.

We wanted to create a bottle that not only looked good, but was eco-friendly, keeps your drink cold (there is nothing better than a cold drink at the end of a hard match!), 750ml in size so that you don’t have to keep refilling it every 10 minutes, and most importantly, high quality and doesn’t leak all over your bag!

After testing the bottle for over 6 months we can confirm that it is exactly what we wanted!

Where To Buy

If you’re looking to buy some new badminton kit & equipment, we’d recommend checking out our sponsor Sakura Sport. 

Use our discount code ‘badmintoninsight’ to get 10% off your order! They offer shipping throughout Europe, and the discount code includes everything on the website except shuttles.