Badminton Nutrition

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Badminton Nutrition

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Badminton is a sport like no other, involving high levels of coordination, agility, strength, power, speed, reaction time, both anaerobic and aerobic fitness, concentration and great mental fitness! It is well known that poor nutrition can negatively impact your performance in all of these areas!

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for you, we’ve gone through a very tough learning process with our nutrition over the last 10 years, making many mistakes along the way! Understanding the impact of what we eat around playing badminton is one example. Another thing we’ve learnt is how to best time our food intake when playing a big match, or even multiple matches in a day! 

We hope that this nutrition class will help you to skip some of the stages that we had to go through and also help you realise where you’ve been going wrong, or maybe just not quite right with your nutrition! As well as helping you improve your badminton-specific nutrition knowledge, we’ll also aim to provide you with some strategies and tips that you can use straight away! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! These lessons are aimed at any level of badminton player trying to improve their diet to help them perform better on court. The topics are also very applicable to other sports.

No prior knowledge is required, and there is no specialised software or equipment required – all you need is 30 minutes of free time to gain some Badminton Insight to start using nutrition to your advantage rather than it hindering your performance!

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We are Greg and Jenny, two professional badminton players and the creators of Badminton Insight. Badminton Insight aims to help you improve your badminton skills, knowledge and overall game! Through our resources we hope to help you gain added insight into the world of badminton, no matter if you are a player, coach, or just a sporting enthusiast.