Badminton Guinness World Record

We were sat brainstorming video ideas, and more specifically the “Ts” exercise (which we both love) and it got us thinking… How many shots could we hit in a minute? We then decided to look up what the Guinness World Record was for the most amount of shots in 1 minute. Turns out it was 123 and we definitely thought we could beat that!

In short, the Guinness World Record for the “most badminton counter hits in 1 minute” is now held by Badminton Insight!

How We Became Guinness World Record Holders

Shortly after creating Badminton Insight we decided to apply to attempt the Guinness World Record of “Most badminton counter hits in 1 minute (team of 2)”. Unfortunately we didn’t pay the £850 to get priority service so 3 months later, we heard back that our application had been accepted and we were able to attempt the record!

The Record Attempts

To fulfil the Guinness World Record evidence requirements, we needed to have: 2 independent witnesses, 2 experienced timekeepers, and 1 photographer to gather evidence. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, we were unable to have any spectators for our record attempt.

Guinness world record attempt

Due to the fact that we had 5 volunteers giving up their time for this, we limited ourselves to just 3 attempts. This is very much in contrast to our YouTube videos where we often have 10 attempts at getting something right!!

Attempt 1

We decided that we would do a ‘safe’ first attempt to make sure we kept a continuous rally going for 1 minute. Us being us we still found ourselves pushing close to the limits and in fact managed a total of 152 shots in the minute.

Attempt 2

Next we tried to really ramp it up however after around 40 seconds the rally broke down, we stopped straight away as we knew a world record like this would not be possible taking the time to pick the shuttle up off the floor!

Attempt 3

So the pressure was on for our 3rd and final attempt – and afterwards we both admitted we were shaking with nerves at this point! We found a good balance between pushing to our limits whilst ensuring that the rally didn’t break down. As you can see from the video, it took some serious concentration!

After the attempt we calmed ourselves down and made sure we collected all of the evidence that we needed from our witnesses and submitted it the next day.

And 3 months after submitting the evidence we found out that we had officially beaten the record and were now Guinness World Record Holders!

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we received after releasing that video:

Why did we choose Net Ts? Because it was the shortest distance between us, reducing the time for the shuttle to fly in between our rackets. It’s also an exercise that requires speed and fast racket reactions.

Did we practice much beforehand? No. Not once. Although it is an exercise that we do very regularly in our weekly training, and have done for a long time.

It looked like you got 162? Unfortunately not! Of those that did manage to count (it was very difficult!) many people counted 162. We didn’t mention it in the video but the first serve doesn’t count.

We really enjoyed this challenge, and hope you enjoyed it too. If you did, please share it with your friends 😊 And let us know if you have a go at the challenge!