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most common badminton injuries

Common Badminton Injuries & How To Prevent Them

We have seen so many different badminton injuries over the years – some that could have been prevented, and others that were just one-off horrible-to-watch injuries.  The 5 most common badminton injuries are: Knees Shoulders Elbows Feet Ankles There are

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Doubles Return of Serve

How To Return The Serve In Doubles

We often see players doing the same return every time or just lifting from the serve putting no pressure onto the opponents. This is due to poor preparation, inefficient movement or just not thinking about what shot they are playing. 

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Our 2020 Review

What a crazy year! Looking back to March 2020 when we were sat at the All England, never did we think that Coronavirus would have impacted our lives as much as it has over the last 9 months.  With 2020

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Guinness world record

Badminton Guinness World Record

We were sat brainstorming video ideas, and more specifically the “Ts” exercise (which we both love) and it got us thinking… How many shots could we hit in a minute? We then decided to look up what the Guinness World

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