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book review 1 - atomic habits

Book Review #1 – Atomic Habits

We both enjoy reading books, and often try to apply what we learn to our badminton and general life. We thought it would be a nice idea to share our thoughts on books that we read with you guys, and

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Podcast Recommendations

Our Podcast Recommendations

Whilst travelling, stringing or even doing a long CV we like to listen to podcasts! We wanted to share four podcast recommendations that we have been listening to recently. Two are badminton specific and the other two are not badminton

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How To Choose a Badminton Racket

How To Choose A Badminton Racket

There are so many different badminton rackets out there. We just looked online and one website had over 160 badminton rackets for sale! How are you supposed to choose?!  When choosing a badminton racket you must consider: Your ability and playing style

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badminton training drills

The Best Badminton Routines and Drills

There are so many different routines for badminton, however some drills are better than others for improving your shots and movement patterns. The 7 best routines and drills for badminton are: Mid-court drives Rear and mid-court control Push downs Pressure

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